Welcome to the KidiWatch
Please be sure to carefully read and acknowledge the software licensing agreement (here in after referred to as the “agreement”) in the regulation of all rights and restrictions. Users must accept the terms of this agreement to download,install, or use this app and its related services.
1.Copyright Statement
1.1 All intellectual property rights of the software, as well as all other information,including but not limited to literal expression and combinations, icons,illustrations, charts, colors, interface design, layout framework, data,printed materials and electronic documents, are the exclusive property of "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd, and are subject to protections in accordance with the domestic and international laws and regulations,the International Copyright Treaty and other applicable laws and regulations.
2.1 Download,installation, and use: this is a free software. Unlimited number of downloads and installations for non-commercial use.
3. Prohibited Conducts
3.1 Reverse engineering,decompiling or disassembly of the software.
3.2 Disseminating the software, which is not permitted for the purposes above, by the public by any means, including but not limited to modifying or forging instructions, data and packets of the software, or adding, deleting and changing the functions or running effects of the software.
3.3 This software is meant for family use only. Any unlawful and illegal purposes are forbidden.
4.1 Authorization:offering to sell, copy, distribute, including but not limited to, software sales, pre-installation, bundling, etc. for commercial purposes must obtain written authorization and permission from "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd.
4.2 Rights reserved: allrights not expressly authorized in this agreement are still owned by "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd. Users must obtain written consent from  "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd in order to exercise the rights.
5.User Guidelines
5.1 This software is bundled to use with the KidiWatch Watch sold by "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd. The services include but not limited to map positioning, location monitoring, calling, messaging, fitness tracking, reminders, and notifications.
5.2 The software usesthe built-in Google map for navigation and alert warnings.
5.3 Using the KidiWatch Watch by "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd will regularly report location information to "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd servers.This will incur corresponding data usage and charges by mobile operators. real-time navigation and tracking modes and communications features will also incur data usage.
5.4 This software requires pairing with KidiWatch Watch for navigation: Once the first initialization or pairing is completed, KidiWatch Watch will start to send location tracking data and communications history to servers in a timely manner.
5.5 This software includes automatic notifications. KidiWatch Watch will keep track of the locations and send predefined notifications.
5.6 The software applies only to the selected operating system indicated on the official website. If the user decides to delete the software for any reasons, he/she can do so by using the methods supported by the operating system.
5.7 The product support of the software is provided by  "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd.
5.8 Software updates or upgrades:  "Kidi Telecommunications" Ltd reserves the right to update or upgrade the software at any time. Mobile data charges by your operator might apply for the time required to download an update.
6 Users shall comply with the applicable laws and this agreement under the premise of the use of this software. Users shall not conduct the following, including but not limited to:
6.1 Deleting the information and contents regarding copyright in the software;
6.2 Reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembly the software;
6.3 Using this software in any unlawful manner or in any other manner inconsistent with this agreement,for any illegal purpose;
6.4 The use of this Software must comply with the applicable laws and policies, safeguard the national interests and national security, and be in compliance with this agreement;
6.5 Using unlicensed data or access to unauthorized servers;
6.6 Unauthorized access to device networks or other device systems to delete, modify or add information stored;
6.7 Without consent,attempt to probe, scan or test the software system or network or other acts that will endanger network security;
6.8 Attempt to interfere or disrupt the normal operations of the software system or network or intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses to interfere or disrupt normal network information services;
6.9 Other acts endangering network security.